Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where We Do The Laundry

The Laundry leads off the Library so I had think of a way of improving the view. The large boiler in the corner has been covered by a screen I bought from Scumble Goosie as a blank canvas and I just added a birds eye maple paint effect to it and edged it in black. This gives it a Beidermier look. The fridge freezer (for wines, beers and extra frozen foods) had to be chosen to be elegant yet functional. Then came the cupboards, what to do with them. As one of my favourite places is Tuscany I asked my decorator, who is a fantastic water colourist, to paint me some Tuscan landscapes on the doors. I left for work and on my return I saw he had created this. I was truly amazed and it was far beyond my expectations.

The worktops have a birds eye maple effect and the giant sink is from Fired Earth so you can handwash large items in it as well as your smalls. The ironing Board hides behind the screen alongside the boiler and the room has Mahogany French doors leading into the yard.

It is a lovely room to do the ironing in believe it or not. Howe many people can say that?

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