Sunday, July 30, 2006

Where We Chill

A rooftop conservatory may seem a strange place to chill as it does get a lot of sun. Ours has an industrial fan to cool it down on hot days. This conservatory is an extension to the kitchen and as I don't like being alone when cooking it is a great area for people to sit and chat to me. It is made from Canadian Red Cedar which will last a lifetime as it is a super hardwood.

We are lucky enough to face down a back lane that has been planted with climbers along both sides and also has some beautiful roof gardens along it. It's the place I sit every morning with my first cup of coffee and OK a cigarette. This is when I can get my head together as I usually wake up with a hundred things buzzing around in there.

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Jacqueline Carlisle said...

When I saw the picture of your conservatory it made me miss England. I'm in Canada but I really think I'll return to England.