Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where We Bathe

I'm a shower person myself but when I ache it is good to have a bath. My partner is a bath person so he uses this room much more than I do. However I do enjoy a soak in this bath but it is so large that I tend to slip down it as my feet don't really touch the bottom.

This room is very dramatic and is a bit like bathing in a theatre. Thank God there's no audience.

The pillars and sculptures on the crushed velvet effect walls are from The Stencil Library who have a fantastic range of stencils that are fantastically detailed and realistic.

The bathroom suite is Italian and is very high quality. It has been in the house since the early 80s but it is so good I could not bear to change it. It is a four piece suite but I have to confess the bidet is only used by the small grandchildren to get washed in.

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Gina said...

How lovely!!!!